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Our Services

Community Development Consulting

Our Community Development Consulting service offers expertise in creating thriving tiny house communities. From site selection to legal considerations, infrastructure planning to sustainable design, we guide you through every step in developing vibrant and cohesive living spaces that foster a sense of community.

Development Consulting 

Construction Project Management

Community Design 


ADU/Tiny Home Consulting

Every Property has a different set of challenges and opportunities for an additional unit. There are the specific costs for each builder you consider and then there are the costs associated with your property, length of utility trenching, electrical capacity, etc. Book a Free Consultation to get an accurate ballpark of your project and move the ball forward.

Custom Cost Estimate for your Property

Compliance with Local Codes

All in Cost Estimate Report

Install Project Management

With our Install Project Management service, rest assured that your tiny home installation is in expert hands. We oversee the entire process—from coordinating with contractors to ensuring safety compliance—ensuring a seamless and efficient setup for your tiny home or ADU.

Contractor Coordination

Permit Compliance

Logistics Coordination

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