Who We Are

Tiny Logic was created in 2017 to help the Bay Area receive this inevitable housing option in a safe and equitable fashion. Our mission is to facilitate the installation of tiny homes in every nook and cranny of the Bay Area.  We’re working towards an oversaturation of affordable future ready housing. From backyards to vacant lots. We specialize in the laws, permitting paths, and installation logistics of this emerging housing ecosystem. 

Tiny Logic is a collection of years of first-hand experience and visions of Tiny Home pioneers. It is guided by the insight that housing does not have to be expensive or complicated. Quality, safe and desirable smart homes can be inexpensive, quick to install and can move with their owners, even in high stakes cities in the Bay Area. Tiny Homes alone will not solve our housing crisis, but they will be an effective and necessary part of the solution.

Meet The Team

Adam Garrett-Clark

Tiny House Liaison

Adam founded one of the longest running Tiny Home Communities in Oakland in 2015 with friends, and managed operations for a second Community in 2018 known as “Buspatch.” In 2013 Adam apprenticed with Biomimicry Architect and Futurist Eugene Tssui, most notably known as the creator of Berkeley’s Fish House,  designing a personal living pod prototype in Mt. Shasta.  In 2014 Adam went on a permaculture pilgrimage to Southern Australia, wwoofing on farms and ultimately apprenticing with co-originator of the Permaculture design philosophy, David Holmgren on his 30+ year old farm Melliodora. Since then Tiny Homes have taken over his life, selling, building and maintaining tiny homes across the state of California.

Taylor Lightfoot

Chief Technologist

Taylor’s is a master builder with a degree in industrial design. In 2018 he built a 2 story victorian style ADU in his backyard for his mother completely by himself. Taylor has a passion for a fossil fuel free world and loves tinkering with heat pumps and Solar systems. In 2020 he served as the lead designer and builder at Bay Modular, a prefab ADU company. Taylor previously founded Hostwell, a property management firm for AirBnB hosts.

Jaime Martinez

Lead Maintenance Technician

Jaime never met a bolt he couldn't loosen. A Prolific mechanic, managing maintenance operations for speed boats, pedicabs, cars, and tiny homes. Jaime was the lead mechanic for San Francisco Pedicab company Golden Gate Pedicabs for years before the pandemic. As a young man, he worked as a builder for Champion Mobile Homes. Now he gets excited about renovating travel trailers and just generally making it work!

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