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"No Parking" is a 9-unit Off-Grid Tiny Home Community located in Oakland Ca. 

Started in 2015 it survives to this day, employing a model of movable infrastructure, micro solar systems for electricity and permaculture principles. 

Residents created the space to house themselves affordably and with minimal impact on the environment. Tiny Logic was born from the experiences of developing and operating this space. In 2021 a spinoff corporation was formed, Neighborship, which is currently in the process of applying for 501c3 tax exempt status with the IRS. Neighborships mission is to fill the needed role of administrative support for resident run Tiny Home urban eco-villiages. 


The Wheel House

Originally named Buspatch and created by Sparr Risher in San Francisco, this community of Vehicle Dwellers relocated to Oakland in 2018 and faced potential closure. Tiny Logic took on an Administration role in 2018 in partnership with residents to keep this rare space for homes on wheels alive. The 8 unit community with deep ties to Burning Man culture ultimately had to close during the initial months of the pandemic in 2020.


Tortoise Tree

Tortoise Tree is an ongoing experiment in creating a comfortable place of magic in the harsh high desert of the Mojave. Initial groundwork was laid in 2019 for an envisioned space for art experiences, psychedelic therapy retreats and ceremonies with a goal of greening the desert and creating a vessel for sculpture and off-grid tiny homes. 

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