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Unlock the Dream of Tiny Living with Forever Tiny Homes

Experience Quality, Convenience, and Comfort in Every Tiny Detail


REALTOR® and Tiny Home Consultant. 

Tiny Logic helps Land Owners Purchase, Permit, and Install Tiny Homes in California.


As an early adopter of the Tiny Home Movement, I founded managed, and lived in one of Oakland’s longest-running Tiny Home Communities from 2015-2022 that held space for 9 units and served over 40 people in its 8-year history. I managed a second 8-space community from 2018-2020 known as Buspatch, and have consulted with countless Tiny Home enthusiasts in that time. In 2021 our community was a catalyst for Oakland creating a permittable path for Tiny Homes on Wheels known as the Vehicular Residential Facility. 


My biggest value add to any project is an understanding of the movement and its people and what will work for them. My experiences include sales and permitting for modular ADUs, Building stickbuilt backyard Tiny Homes, Property Management for Tiny Home Communities, Tenant’s Rights, building and managing off-grid utility systems, and City funded Homeless interventions.

Discover the Advantages of Tiny House Investments

Affordability and Cost Savings

Say goodbye to high construction costs, hefty bills, and property taxes. Our tiny houses offer affordability and simplicity, making them the perfect choice for downsizers, eco-conscious individuals, and savvy budget-conscious seekers. Make the smart move today and unlock the key to financial freedom and sustainable living.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Our tiny houses are thoughtfully crafted to leave a smaller ecological footprint, utilizing fewer resources for construction and maintenance, while delivering energy-efficient living. Many of our proud tiny house owners opt for off-grid living and renewable energy sources, making a positive impact on the environment.


Mobility and Flexibility

Our mobile tiny homes offer unparalleled freedom. Enjoy easy relocation for new scenery, job prospects, or to be near loved ones. Whether you're a nomad at heart or simply seek hassle-free mobility, our tiny homes deliver. They're also perfect for diverse settings, from vacation rentals to thriving tiny home communities.


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As a tiny home early adopter, Tiny Home Community Developer, and property manager, we’ve seen many different personalities interact with Tiny Homes in a variety of contexts, it is with this experience and knowledge of what makes a solid Tiny Home investment that we can confidently sell, install, permit and advocate for the Tiny Homes on Wheels produced by Forever Tiny Homes.


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