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REALTOR®, ADU SPECIALIST, Licensed Manufactured House Salesperson & Tiny Home Consultant. 

Tiny Logic helps Land Owners Purchase, Permit, and Install Movable Homes in California. 


Tiny Logic was founded in 2018 with a mission to propel the proliferation of tiny home opportunities in the Bay Area. Founder Adam Garrett-Clark was motivated by the simple impulse to develop rapid and affordable housing for himself and his friends through the technology of movable factory-built housing. Within that definition of movable factory-built homes, we include “Modular Homes” “Manufactured Homes” “Tiny Houses on Wheels” and “Park Trailers.”


Tiny Logic’s first set of activities was around Tiny Home Community Operations and management, where it served as an entity for Tiny House Community experiments in Oakland California. Later Tiny Logic Developed kit-built Tiny Homes in backyards in the Bay Area and Southern California. In 2020, Tiny Logic helped the ADU Startup Bay Modular develop its sales and project management processes.

In 2021 Tiny Logic signed a contract with the City of Oakland to operate the city’s first Co-Governed Tiny Home Community in collaboration with a group of 16 unhoused people from a longtime encampment, as part of the city’s funded transitional housing program.

And in 2021 Tiny Logic along with its spinoff nonprofit, Neighborship was instrumental in pushing the City of Oakland to legalize Tiny Homes on Wheels through what is now known as the VRF Program.

In 2023, Tiny Logic began developing Oakland’s first legal Tiny Home Community, Tiny Intersection in West Oakland, with collaborator Anjana Vakil.

Adam Garrett-Clark

Tiny Logic Principal

REALTOR® DRE#02214638 

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