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Tiny Logic

It's about Housing Oversupply. 

Tiny Logic helps Land Owners Purchase, Permit, and Install Tiny Homes in the Bay Area of California.

Tiny Logic is a Tiny House Consulting Firm that lands Tiny Homes on your property. We specialize in Oakland’s New Vehicular Residential Facilities (VRF) Permit and had a hand in the development of the policy however flawed it still is. If you’re looking to legally permit a Tiny House in Oakland, San Jose, or within Urban centers in California, there are few others with our breadth of experience. As early adopters of the Tiny House Movement since 2014, we’ve made many mistakes, asked all the questions, and had all the headaches so you don't have to. Tiny Logic is your one-stop shop for painless, professional, legal, and permitted Tiny Homes on Wheels. 

Our experience includes Tiny House Design and Construction, Tiny House Community Development and Operations, Factory built modular ADUs, Site prep Project Management, Permit Expedition, City Sanctioned Safe Parking, City Contracted Homeless Interventions.


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