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Tiny Logic is a Tiny House Consulting Firm that lands tiny homes on your property. We specialize in all the messy details of acquiring and installing detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) and Tiny Homes on Wheels. As early adopters of the Tiny House Movement, we’ve made all the mistakes, asked all the questions, and had all the headaches. Our experience includes DIY tiny house construction, off-grid Tiny House Community Development and Operations, sales of prefab modular ADU’s, site prep, and permitting for “sheds” Tiny Homes on Wheels and ADU’s.



Currently Tiny Logic is putting all of its energies into supporting the City of Oakland's first Co-Governed Tiny Home Community. You can learn more about this project here. This work will ultimately be passed on to a nonprofit spinoff organization called Neighborship which is currently in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Stay Tuned.    

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We take pride in adding value to your project.

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"Adam was instrumental in helping us craft and realize our vision of a garage conversion ADU. He combines experience, ingenuity, and a familiarity with building codes to create functional and beautiful spaces while meeting our specific needs. He started off by asking us a lot of questions about what we wanted from the space and helped us get specific on what would need to be considered and built in order to meet our goals. He then created a document that clarified for any contractor who was working with us what needed to be done. Adam was thoughtful, and inquisitive throughout the design process and provided a spec sheet and a 3-D visualization from which we selected a number of design elements that we incorporated into the finished structure. It was a great experience all around and I would recommend him highly to anyone who's considering building an ADU."

Johanna Montagne

Home Owner

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“SMASH was recently in the R+D phase of a new project and Adam was the perfect person to consult for starting direction. The level of detail and useful anecdotes was what we needed. Especially when it came to making capital intensive decisions, Adam really put us in the best position possible."

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